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Lake Chelan Amateur Radio Club
Serving The Lake Chelan Valley   
 Repeaters: 147.100, 146.820 ( -600khz / pl 103.5) & 444.525 (+5 Mhz / pl 94.8}




Check Out Our New Sign. Located on Highway 97A coming into Chelan, we're hoping visiting Hams will see our sign and know we are here. And where to find us.  The new sign is just one of many new projects we are seeing come alive since the club members got re-activated late last winter. 

Shane Lapierre Up The Tower

Ken Rau  "Maybe we need a Gin Pole?"

Tom Fix (AA7YR) and Don Sass (KC7OO)
With a Bucket Full 

 Hams Helping Hams  - April 2022
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

When long time Ham Club Member, W7CH, Roger Odorizzi ,  announced he was moving to Wilson Creek, Club Members did what Club Members do -  pitched in and helped him get his giant antennas and towers down, What might have been an easy task was a little more complicated because over the years Roger had constructed a building around his crank-up tower.  One of the newest Club Members, Shane LaPierre  is seen near the top of the tower, undoing wires and cables. Shane told us that was the first time he had ever climbed a tower like that.

And one of the longest standing members of the Club, Ken Rau, is seen giving those on the ground instructions on how to use a Gin Pole, if necessary.

We hope Roger can get his station back on the air and checks in on our Wednesday Night 2 Meter Net soon. 
At the end of the day someone was heard to say that it was OK that there was no need for a Gin Pole - but some were ready for a Gin and Tonic.  

+Weekly Wednesday Night 2 Meter Net -7PM
(K7YR Repeater at 146.82 (PL 103.5)
+Saturday Morning Breakfast - 9 AM at 
Company Creek Pizza-2nd Sat of the Month
+Monthly Club Meeting 4th Thursday of Month
At Lake Chelan Boat Club - 7PM 

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AA7YR, Tom Fix,  proudly showing us the LCARC Logo on a nice shirt he bought from local business Seven Seas Printing in Chelan.

Anyone who wants  to order a shirt go down there and order one up just mention you want to use Lake Chelan Amateur Radio Club logo, you can also

have your name and call sign add it to your shirt. Hats are there also and patches are on their way. 
---------- Other Recent Club News ------------
(From our May 26th Meeting Notes by K7YR, Ken Rau).

Rogers’s W7CH tower is down which gave our bank account a substantial boost.

We also talked about every Tuesday to put your Simplex frequency 146.52 for the club to use to practice emergency when our repeater goes down. 

We are working on moving our monthly meetings to Manson Park facility. We will have to change the date to Tuesday at 7 PM. Will update you when these changes are made.

We are the Amateur Radio Operators of the Lake Chelan Valley and surrounding areas.

We meet on the last Thursday of the month at the Lake Chelan Boat Club at Mill Bay Marina at 7pm.  And we have an Informal Breakfast on the 2nd Saturday of the month at Company Creek Pizza in Chelan at 9am. Company Creek Pizza is located next to Chelan Lanes and across from Don Morse Park on Highway 150.
You need not be a member to join us for either of these events. We welcome everyone who has an interest in Amateur Radio.

We also hold a weekly Club Net each Wednesday at 7 PM on the K7YR 2 Meter repeater at 146.82 ( PL 103.5).

The LCARC has been around for more than 3 decades but was inactive for a period from 2015 until recently. Good news is we are alive and well again and so far in 2022, we average around 20 check-ins each Wednesday Evening for our Weekly Club Net.
Visitors are always welcome.

If you are traveling through our area please feel free to use our repeaters and give us a shout. We'd love to welcome you to the Valley.

Coming Down

Be Careful - Its windy and rainy